FTS Components


In the FTS Real Time System, students manage the risk and return of positions with trade settlement at real-time prices.  The projects and analytical support system integrates theory and practice by taking students through the steps required to take the concepts you teach to practice

In the FTS Interactive Markets, students trade with each other in specially designed markets that tie a central function of markets, price discovery, to concepts being taught.  

The FTS Modules are a combination of calculation tools and tutors.  They include: 
o The free cash flow module for valuing companies 
o The efficient portfolio module 
o The fixed income module 
o The options and futures module 

The FTS Display System lets you create displays for computers connected to large, high definition display monitors (or televisions).  The program aggregates news and information from RSS feeds with charts and analytics from FTS data servers to provide a rich display of news, financial information, sports, and entertainment.  Every part of the display is customizable, and we provide supporting tools that let you integrate your own data feeds to create real time displays.